Wix - Dream Campaign

As of June 2016, the social media platform Instagram has over 500 million users. That means 500 million different perspectives on one shared planet. To the individual, Instagram is a freeform of expression through photos and videos like none before it. On a collective level, the social giant allows the world to feel a little bit closer. Now anyone can see the cliffsides of a small, Greek island or the interior of the International Space Station through the eyes of someone else. It's time to inspire the world to share.

Instagram + Grant = Instagrant

The “Instagrant - Photojournalism Campaign" powered by Instagram is a new source of inspiration for the eyes of the world. Every year, Instagram would select 3 finalists of a yearly, themed, photojournalistic campaign. The winner of this campaign would be awarded an Instagram sponsored grant which includes $100,000 in initial investment towards a humanitarian effort, an avaliable employment position with Instagram, and week long feature on the Instagram “Explore” page. This competition would select the top photo journalists on Instagram based on the theme of the year and the contest rules.

Here is a hypothetical representation of what the Instagrant - Photojournalistic Campaign would look like for 2016. During sometime in August, Instagram would announce the theme for the 2016 Instagrant. Unfortunately, the human race has taken a hard hit this year. With a frightening number of terror attacks occurring on a seemingly regular basis, the first half of 2016 has not gone smoothly. For this reason, the Instagrant theme of the year might be something like “Terror". Other themes could be things like "The Environment”, “Culture”, etc. These themes would be purposely broad to not limit the possible entries. The campaign would commence and not only would the people see the world from millions of different perspectives but photojournalists from around the world would be competing for an incredible cause. In the first week of October, the Instagrant board would announce the top 3 finalists of the year. These finalists would be nominated for 3 of their photos related to the year’s theme. Finally, during the first week of December the winner would be announced and given the Instagrant during a large press event. 

The reason that this is my "Dream Campaign" comes threefold. First of, this 4 month campaign would generate extreme buzz around not only serious world issues but also the Instagram platform. With the amount of exposure brought forth by this campaign Instagram’s user based would grow exponentially. This would also open up the social media platform to a whole new genre of collaborations and business partnerships. Like Apple’s collaboration with (RED), Instagram could collaborate with a number of research and humanitarian foundations. Reason number 2; it would give an official voice to the millions of different perspectives on world issues. No filter, no censor, just pure perspective on the human race and our planet. And finally, this is truly something that I believe will change the world.


500 million users. One planet. It’s time to share.


My name is Raz Miyara and I am a 21 year old graphic designer/creative marketer. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and I’ve been working in my field for almost 5 year. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my proposition and I hope you consider me for the recruitment.